Teng Guo

I am a PhD student majored in network engineering at the DUT Alpha Laboratory, School of Software, Dalian University of Technology and my hometown is LuoYang, a beautiful city in Henan province. My supervisor is Prof. Feng Xia, Assistant Dean of the School of Software, Dalian University of Technology. My research interests are Scholarly Big Data Analytics and Academic Predicting.


In 2013-2016, I studied in Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology as a MEng and got my degree of Control Engineering in the summer of 2016. I also did my Msc in Design and Management of Sustainable Built Environment at School of Construction Management and Engineering of University of Reading in 2014-2015 and during this period (from May.2016 to Sep.2016), I was in charge of a project to detect energy waste of lighting system based on Wi-Fi based indoor positioning system. Moreover, I did my B.Eng in Automation at the School of Computer and Information Engineering of Henan University from 2009-2013.

I’m an outgoing and enthusiastic person and also I have broad interests such as traveling, listening to music and watching movies.

Contact Info

Email: guoteng@mail.dlut.edu.cn


    Tel: +86-13703799242