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Date: Monday, April 3, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Meeting Room 6, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC), Western Australia


9:00 每 9:05 Welcome and opening remarks

9:05 每 9:50 Keynote Speech 1 (Chair: Kuansan Wang)


Understanding the Impacts of Open Access

Lucy Montgomery (Curtin University)

9:50 每 10:30 Technical Session 1 (Chair: Irwin King)


BD2K ERuDIte: the Educational Resource Discovery Index for Data Science

Jose Luis Ambite (University of Southern California), Lily Fierro (University of Southern California), Florian Geigl (Graz University of Technology), Jonathan Gordon (University of Southern California), Gully Burns (University of Southern California), Kristina Lerman (University of Southern California) and John D. Van Horn (University of Southern California)

Providing Research Graph Data in JSON-LD Using Schema.org

Jingbo Wang, Amir Aryani, Lesley Wyborn and Ben Evans (Australian National University)

10:30 每 11:00 Break

11:00 每 12:30 Technical Session 2 (Chair: Feng Xia)


Building and Analyzing a Global Co-Authorship Network Using Google Scholar Data

Yang Chen (Fudan University), Cong Ding (Cornell University), Jiyao Hu (Fudan University), Ruichuan Chen (Nokia Bell Labs), Pan Hui (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and Xiaoming Fu (University of Goettingen)


From Citation Network to Study Map: A Novel Model to Reorganize Academic Literatures

Shibo Tao (Peking University), Xiaorong Wang (China Electric Power Research Institute), Weijing Huang (Peking University), Wei Chen (Peking University), Tengjiao Wang (Peking University) and Kai Lei (Peking University)

Top-K Entity Units Retrieval Over Big Data (SHORT)

Da Zhang and Mansur R. Kabuka (University of Miami)

Analysing Trends in Computer Science Research (SHORT)

Suhendry Effendy and Roland Yap (National University of Singapore)

Integrating the Trend of Research Interest for Reviewer Assignment

Jian Jin, Qian Geng, Qian Zhao and Lixue Zhang (Beijing Normal University)

12:30-13:30 Lunch



13:30 每 14:20 Keynote Speech 2 (Chair: Irwin King)


Influence Maximization in Social Media Data Analytics

Jianxin Li (University of Western Australia)

14:20 每 15:00 Technical Session 3 (Chair: Kuansan Wang)


Predicting the Impact of Software Engineering Topics: An Empirical Study

Santonu Sarkar (BITS Pilani), Rumana Lakdawala (BITS Pilani) and Subhajit Datta (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

An Observation of Research Complexity in Top Universities Based on Research Publications

Ivan Lee (University of South Australia), Feng Xia (Dalian University of Technology) and Goran Roos (Nanyang Technological University)

15:00 每 15:30 Break

15:30 每 16:30 Technical Session 4 (Chair: Feng Xia)


Scientific Article Recommendation by using Distributed Representations of Text and Graph (SHORT)

Shashank Gupta and Vasudeva Varma (International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad)


Evaluating the Impact of Articles with Geographical Distances between Institutions (SHORT)

Xiaomei Bai, Jie Hou, Hongzhuang Du, Xiangjie Kong and Feng Xia (Dalian University of Technology)

Deep Mapping of the Visual Literature (SHORT)

Bill Howe, Poshen Lee, Maxim Grechkin, Sean Yang and Jevin West (University of Washington)

Visualizing Scholarly Publications and Citations to Enhance Author Profiles (SHORT)

Jason Portenoy and Jevin West (University of Washington)

16:30 每 17:00 Community building activities


Open Academic Society Status Report

Microsoft Research

Free Discussion


17:00-17:05 Closing


Every long technical presentation has 20 minutes (including Q&A), while every SHORT presentation has 15 minutes (including Q&A).


Registration of Presenters
A reminder that presenters must be registered for the Conference by Tuesday 21 March.

Room Set Up 
Each room will be provided with the following:

- Laptop

- Projector

- Screen (widescreen 16:9 ratio)

- Lectern and Microphone

- Q & A microphone (suitable for room size)

- Internet Connection


Presenters should load their presentation for workshops directly in the session room. The technicians will be on hand outside the room to offer assistance should this be required. If you wish to use your own laptop, please bring the appropriate adaptors for connecting to the projector.  Rooms will be set up classroom style.





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