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Date: Monday, August 20, 2018
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: ICC Capital Suite Room 15, ExCeL, London, UK


8:00 每 8:05 Welcome and opening remarks

8:05 每 9:30 Keynotes 1&2


Personalized Ranking of Paper Recommendations

Maarten de Rijke (University of Amsterdam)


RInterdisciplinarity, scientific careers and the Nobel Prize

Roberta Sinatra (Central European University)

9:30 每 10:00 Coffee Break

10:00 每 12:00 Technical Session 1


Is together better? Examining scientific collaborations across multiple authors, institutions, and departments

Lovenoor Aulck, Kishore Vasan and Jevin West


Random Walk based Smart Guide for Personalized PageRank to Recommend Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration

Won Kyung Lee and So Young Sohn


Central Figure Identification

Sean Yang, Poshen Lee, Abhishek Joshi, Lia Kazakova, Bum Mook Oh, Jevin West and Bill Howe


Developing a Temporal Bibliographic Dataset for Entity Resolution

Yichen Hu, Qing Wang and Peter Christen

Career Transitions and Trajectories: A Case Study in Computing

Tara Safavi, Maryam Davoodi and Danai Koutra

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00 每 14:30 Keynotes 3&4


Analysing Large-scale Research Data with Semantic Technologies

Francesco Osborne (The Open University)


The Nature of Failure

Dashun Wang (Northwestern University)

14:30 每 15:00 Coffee Break

15:00 每 16:50 Technical Session 2


ParaPlagDet: The system of paraphrased plagiarism detection

Rita Kuznetsova, Oleg Bakhteev, Andrey Khazov, Alexander Ogaltsov and Kamil Safin


ScholarSpace: Academic Search in China

Xiaofeng Meng, Zehui Hao, Yi Zhang, Jin Li, Shuo Wang, Yujie Shao and Xin Yang


Shifu: Advisor-advisee Relationship Mining in Scholarly Big Data

Wei Wang, Jiaying Liu, Feng Xia, Irwin King and Hanghang Tong


Additional reviewer assignment by means of weighted association rules

Luca Cagliero, Paolo Garza, Andrea Pasini and Elena Baralis

A Research Graph dataset for connecting research data repositories using RD-Switchboard

Amir Aryani, Marta Poblet, Kathryn Unsworth, Jingbo Wang, Ben Evans, Anusuriya Devaraju, Brigitte Hausstein, Claus-Peter Klas, Benjamin Zapilko, and Samuele Kapluns

16:50 每 17:00 Closing


Every technical presentation has 20 minutes (including Q&A), while every keynote speech has 40 minutes (including Q&A).



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