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Recent News

Prof. Tao Jia from Southwest University visited our lab and gave talks.

Congratulations! Behrouz Jedari successfully defensed his PhD dissertations.

Congratulations! Xiaomei Bai successfully defensed her PhD dissertations.

Feng Xia, Shuo Yu, Jiaying Liu, Yufan Feng, Lei Liu @ The 13th Chinese Conference on Complex Networks (CCCN 2017), Shenzhen, China.

Congratulations! Shuo Yu, Feng Xia, Kaiyuan Zhang, Zhaolong Ning, Jiaofei Zhong and Chengfei Liu's paper entitled" Team Recognition in Big Scholarly Data: Exploring Collaboration Intensity" won the Best Paper Award of DataCom-2017.

Congratulations! Wei Wang et al.'s paper entitled "Scientific collaboration patterns vary with scholars' academic ages " was reported by the famous NatureIndex website.

Jie Hou and Wenqing Zheng gave reports to undergraduate students on predicting individual paper citation count over time and the application of Hbase.

Hongzhuang Du and Liwei cai gave reports to undergraduate students on SVG and economic bubble.

Welcome Assistant Professor Bo Xu to join The Alpha Lab. Her research focuses on bioinformatics, natural language processing, machine learning and data mining.

Happy new semester, welcome 2017 graduate students (Jie Hou, Ke Hou, Mingliang Liu, Kai Ma, Hanxiao Pan, Liwei Cai, Haoran Wei, Kaiyuan Zhang, Zhenhuan Fu, Song Gao, Jianan Xie, Wenqing Zheng) to join The Alpha Lab.

Xiaozhong Liu, Associate Professor of Indiana University Bloomington, gave a talk about Scholarly Data Analysis and Mining.

Ivan Lee, Distinguished Guest Professor of Dalian University of Technology, gave a talk about Smart Sensor Systems and Its Application.

Menglin Li and Mengyi Mao gave lectures to undergraduate students on computer assissted drawing tools.

Xianjie Kong, Zhaolong Ning, Shuo Yu, Teng Guo, Jiaying Liu @ The 13th China Networks Science Forum in 2017 (netsci 2017), Beijing, China.

Weclome Prof. Liangtian Wan to join The Alpha Lab. He has published 30 papers and is the holder of 2 patents. Prof. Wan has been serving as an Associate Editor for IEEE Access and Journal of Information Processing Systems.

WWW 2017 Best Demo Award: iTopic: Influential Topic Discovery from Information Networks via Keyword Query, by Jianxin Li, Chengfei Liu, Lu Chen, Zhenying He, Amitava Datta, Feng Xia.

Feng Xia, Ivan Lee, Xiangjie Kong, Zhaolong Ning @ WWW 2017 (26th International World Wide Web Conference), Perth, Australia.

Featured Honors

  • Wei Wang: National Scholarship
  • Wei Wang: Outstanding Master Student
  • Shuo Yu: The Best Paper Award of DataCom-2017
  • Azizur Rahim: Outstanding International Student

  • Behrouz Jedari: Best Paper Award for the Second Chinese Foreign Phd Academic Forum
  • Behrouz Jedari: Outstanding International Student
  • Wei Wang: First-class Academic Scholarship of PhD
  • Huizhen Jiang: Natural Science Academic Achievement Award of Liaoning Province, First Prize
  • Xiaoyan Su: National Scholarship
  • Xiaoyan Su: Outstanding Master Student
  • Ke Hou: National Scholarship
  • Ke Hou: Outstanding Student

  • Zhaolong Ning: 1st ACM Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Dalian area
  • Haifeng Liu: National Scholarship
  • Qiuyuan Yang: National Scholarship
  • Haozhen Liu: The 6th Blue Bridge Cup C / C ++ A group of undergraduate, Liaoning Province, Third Prize
  • Behrouz Jedari: DUT International Student Ambassador

  1. Qiuyuan Yang: Huawei Scholarship
  2. Yuqing Liu: The 6th Chinese Mathematics Competitions, Liaoning Province, First Prize
  3. Yuqing Liu: The 23rd Dalian Mathematics Competition, First Prize
  4. Yuqing Liu: The 6th Chinese Mathematics Competitions Preliminaries, First Prize
  5. Haozhen Liu: Learning scholarship, First Prize (Scholarship)

  1. Nana Yaw Asabere et al.: IEEE UIC 2013 Best Paper Award
  2. Jie Li: National Scholarship for Postgraduates
  3. Jialiang Kang: The 11th Challenge Cup, Liaoning Province, Second Prize
  4. Cui Li: Qu Bochuan Educational Fund (Scholarship)
  5. Huizhen Jiang: Northeast China Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Second Prize
  6. Huizhen Jiang: International Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Honorable Mentions

  1. Zhen Chen: National Scholarship
  2. Shuhong Zhang: National Scholarship for Encouragement
  3. Fangwei Ding: The 4th Google Programming Contest, Northeast China, Second Prize
  4. Ruixia Gao: Best Master Thesis Award, Liaoning Province