Teng Guo gave a report about MAYA: Bias-based Prediction for Graduate Employment. Nan Shi made a presentation about Deep Learning for Depression Detection of Twitter Users. Hansong Nie introduced about DynWalks.

Welcome Zhibo Wang (Professor National Cyber Security College of Wuhan University) to visit the Alpha Lab! Zhibo Wang gave an excellent report called User-level privacy attacks for federated learning.

Welcome Mirjana Ivanovic (Full Professor at Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia) to visit the Alpha Lab! Mirjana Ivanovic gave an excellent report called Personalized HealthCare and Agent Technologies.

Hanxiao Pan gave a report about ANRL: Attributed Network Representation Learning via Deep Neural Networks. Lei Wang made a presentation about graph and graph convolutional networks. Yu Liu introduced about Multipath2vec:Predicting Pathogenic Genes via Heterogeneous Network Embedding. Peng Chen gave a introduction about Joint Embedding of words and labels for text classification.

Qing Qing gave a report about Gephi a tool to make network programs handy. Jing Ren made a presentation about Face or Brain: the Effect of Perceived and Actual Academic Performance of College Students on the Central. Yuchen Sun introduced about Topology inference.

In this semester, some new graduate students join us, they introduce themselves briefly. Mingliang Hou gave a report about Spatial Representation Learning. Ke Sun made a presentation about Network Analysis baesd on Graph Learning.

Teng Guo gave a reprot about What I have learned in the process of preparing PNAS. Ke Hou introduced the RNN-Recurrent neural network. Jie Hou gave a talk about Recipe of Deep Learning.

Ke Sun introduced about the concept of Network Embedding. Shuo Yu gave a reprot aboutTeam Recognition in Big Scholarly Data: Exploring Collaboration Intensity. Mingliang Hou gave a talk about Generative Adversarial Network: An Introduction. Peng Chen introduced the ELMO.

Welcome Jian Wu (Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science Old Dominion University) to visit the Alpha Lab! Jian Wu gave an excellent report called CiteSeerX: Mining Scholarly Big Data.

Zhen Ren introduced about the concept of Microservice Architecture. Xinyu Hao gave a reprot about The application of knowledge graph. Jin Xu gave a talk about motif counting - specific low-order subgraph counting algorithm.

The new semester is coming! Our academic day is also coming as scheduled! Linyan Wen dwell on Matching markets and collaborator Recommendation. Huiyan Liu gave a reprot about introduction to front-end knowledges.

Our paper: Judging a Book by Its Cover: The Effect of Facial Perception  on Centrality in Social Networks contributed by Dongyu Zhang, Teng Guo, Hanxiao Pan, Jie Hou, Zhitao Feng, Liang Yang, Hongfei Lin and Feng Xia has been accepted by the top conference WWW 2019.

Welcome Xiaoran Yan (Research Assistant, Indiana University, US) to visit the Alpha Lab! Xiaoran Yan gave an excellent report called Collaborative Archive and Data Research Environment, or CADRE. The photos of the meeting are demonstrated as follows.

Qing Qing gave a report about Evaluating softwore Architecture Evaluation Methods. Peiran Dong introduced RNN based traffic prediction. Zhitao Feng made a presentation about Factor Analysis.

Yuchen Sun gave a report about rating prediction via gsp. Lei Wang introduced semi-supervised classification with graph convolutional netowrk.

Hanxiao Pan gave a talk about Orderliness predicts academic performance behavioral analysis on campus lifestyle. Teng Guo introduced JM framework. Kaiyuan Zhang represented the two common-used drawing tools.

Welcome David Perrett (Perception Lab, University of St Andrews, UK) to visit the Alpha Lab!

David Perrett gave an excellent report called In Your Face. The details about this report are demonstrated in the following pircture. Some of these pictures are taken with our mentors and pupils.

Zhenhuan Fu gave a talk about Object Detection: A Guide in the Age of Deep Learning.

Menglin Li gave a talk about Big Trajectory Data: A Survey of Applications and Services in detail. Mengyi Mao introduced the Topic-aware Network Embedding for Scientific Recommendation. Yuyuan Yuan gave a report about Scikit-learning.

Jie Hou gave a talk about Similarity Forests in detail. Wenqing Zheng introduced the Spring Basics.

In this semester, some new graduate students join us (Peiran Dong, Zhitao Feng, Jiaxing Li, Hansong Nie, Qing Qing, Shouming Sun, Yuchen Sun, Lei Wang, Jin Xu, Peng Chen, Xinyu Hao, Huiyang Liu, Jing Ren, Zhen Ren, Linyan Wen, Hao Ren, Mengyuan Wang, Hefeng Xu, Yiqiao Zhang), they introduce themselves briefly. Jiaying Liu reported the Advisor advisee Relationship Mining in Scholarly Big Data.

Liwei Cai gave a talk about Attributed Network Embedding for learning in a Dynamic Environment. Yajie Shi reported the Impact Evolution Analysis of Distinguished Schlars Based on Scholarly Big Data.

Yuyuan Yuan gave a talk about Understanding serendipity in science: Towards the science of serendipity. Wenqing Zheng introduced the basic knowledge of JavaScript.

Mengyi Mao gave a talk Vector Representation Learning. Menglin Li's talk is A Visual Design for Exploring Co-occurrence Pattern in Urban Scenarios. Jianan Xie introduced the development of Spring MVC for us. Ke Hou's talk is How to evaluate academic influence.

Xintong Liu gave a talk about Python for Data Analysis. Yufan Feng gave a talk about Network motif. Shipu Li presented Echarts to us.

The first-grade doctoral student Dan Lin gave a talk about the paper:an artificial intelligence platform for the multihospital collaborative management of congenital cataracts.

Prof. Gang Yan from Tongji University visited our lab and gave talks.

Prof. Tao Jia from Southwest University visited our lab and gave talks.

Congratulations! Behrouz Jedari successfully defensed his PhD dissertations.

Congratulations! Xiaomei Bai successfully defensed her PhD dissertations.

Congratulations! Shuo Yu, Feng Xia, Kaiyuan Zhang, Zhaolong Ning, Jiaofei Zhong and Chengfei Liu's paper entitled" Team Recognition in Big Scholarly Data: Exploring Collaboration Intensity" won the Best Paper Award of DataCom-2017.

Congratulations! Wei Wang et al.'s paper entitled "Scientific collaboration patterns vary with scholars' academic ages " was reported by the famous NatureIndex website.

Jie Hou and Wenqing Zheng gave reports to undergraduate students on predicting individual paper citation count over time and the application of Hbase.

Hongzhuang Du and Liwei cai gave reports to undergraduate students on SVG and economic bubble.

Welcome Assistant Professor Bo Xu to join The Alpha Lab. Her research focuses on bioinformatics, natural language processing, machine learning and data mining.

Happy new semester, welcome 2017 graduate students (Jie Hou, Ke Hou, Mingliang Liu, Kai Ma, Hanxiao Pan, Liwei Cai, Haoran Wei, Kaiyuan Zhang, Zhenhuan Fu, Song Gao, Jianan Xie, Wenqing Zheng) to join The Alpha Lab.

Xiaozhong Liu, Associate Professor of Indiana University Bloomington, gave a talk about Scholarly Data Analysis and Mining.

Ivan Lee, Distinguished Guest Professor of Dalian University of Technology, gave a talk about Smart Sensor Systems and Its Application.

Menglin Li and Mengyi Mao gave lectures to undergraduate students on computer assissted drawing tools.

Xianjie Kong, Zhaolong Ning, Shuo Yu, Teng Guo, Jiaying Liu @ The 13th China Networks Science Forum in 2017 (netsci 2017), Beijing, China.

Weclome Prof. Liangtian Wan to join The Alpha Lab. He has published 30 papers and is the holder of 2 patents. Prof. Wan has been serving as an Associate Editor for IEEE Access and Journal of Information Processing Systems, a Guest Editor for Journal of Computer Networks and Communications, a Co-Editor-in-Chief. He has served as a Reviewer of more than 40 journals.

WWW 2017 Best Demo Award: iTopic: Influential Topic Discovery from Information Networks via Keyword Query, by Jianxin Li, Chengfei Liu, Lu Chen, Zhenying He, Amitava Datta, Feng Xia.

Feng Xia, Ivan Lee, Xiangjie Kong, Zhaolong Ning @ WWW 2017 (26th International World Wide Web Conference), Perth, Australia.

The Alpha Lab members Mingliang Liu (Master of Science) and Zhenhuan Fu (Master of Engineering) are accepted as the Master Students with the Top One academic achievement of the entire Software School of Dalian University of Technology.

Professor Feng Xia’s name has been in the Elsevier’s annual list of Most Cited Chinese Researchers for three consecutive years(2014, 2015, 2016). The annual list announced by Elsevier recognizes 1,744 researchers in China across 38 different subject areas.

Prof. Chengfei Liu from Swinburne University of Technology visited our lab and gave talks. Dec 27, 2016.

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